The Secret to Sexy Ankles: Part II

Who knew everyone was so interested in getting sexy ankles! In my first post, I guess I didn’t actually explain it. So here’s the part II…

So although I was done with vestibular therapy, I was not finished with physical therapy. I started round 2 in Indiana and ended up staying for 4.5 months. I just graduated this week!!!! I no longer search out a seat with back and neck support. I can sit for long amounts of time without having to constantly stretch my neck.

Ok back to the ankles though…A functional neck will do nothing to help you with ankle aesthetics. However, balance training will.

In physical therapy I ended up doing a lot of stability and proprioception work, which ends up looking a lot like rehabbing an ankle injury. Standing on one foot and playing catch while on a bosu ball was an average day of work. I made my family play catch with me as well, and although I tired more easily then them…I was still better it.


I could basically be a pro football player.

I also started doing yoga again. This is probably good for your ankles, but more importantly your wrists will probably get sexier. WOW so many sexy joints. I mostly do yoga in my basement, but on occasion I’ll go to a class. One of my friend’s went with me to my first group class, which was good because I was worried I’d last for about 10 min and then be too fatigued to do anything except lay on the floor. This didn’t happen. I purposefully chose a class with “gentle” in the title.

So in the 5 months of physical therapy I’ve done for my injury, I’ve gotten bonus sexy ankles and sexy wrists. I’ve also finally got a neck that can withstand most activities that aren’t high impact. I haven’t shattered the glass ceiling yet…I’m not running, jumping, or krumping. It’s baby steps.

My next physical goal is to do a month long plank challenge. Planks are an excellent core strengthening exercise, and they engage all the intrinsic muscles in your back and neck. I didn’t choose a crazy intense plank challenge because my neck still isn’t super happy with planks. Remember the baby steps people. SO…you should do the plank challenge too. If this is WAY too easy for you, just add 5 min to each rep. No big deal. Here it is:


15 second plank hold, 10 back extensions, Repeat 4X


20 second plank hold, 10 back extensions, Repeat 4X


25 second plank hold, 10 back extensions, Repeat 4X


30 second plank hold, 10 back extensions, Repeat 4X

So there it is! You now have the key to achieve sexy ankles and now you can do the plank challenge too!


4 thoughts on “The Secret to Sexy Ankles: Part II

  1. Love it! You are an amazing young lady with a fantastic attitude. Keep on focusing on that feel of sunshine on your face. I think that you should become a writer. God works in mysterious ways to help us see our given talents, you have been blessed with many!!!!!


    1. Thank you Angie! It’s a blessing that I can focus on writing enough to have a blog, and I look forward to writing more…although you probably will not see me on the New York Times Bestseller list (at least anytime in the near future).


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